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At DE LA RUE Beauty we use Tuscan Tan Spray on Tan. Tuscan Tan is unique in the Australian marketplace, using world-exclusive colour technology to create naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy.

Tuscan Tan has developed the only spray tan solution in the world that contains ‘Violet-Tone Complex’, a blend of plant-based ingredients that eliminates the orange undertones commonly associated with fake tan, ensuring a natural finish every time.

Tuscan Tan professional spray tan solutions adapt to any skin type, and any depth of colour can be achieved from lightly sun-kissed through to the darkest of tans. The tan dries immediately on application, is completely odourless once developed, and lasts seven or more days before gradually and evenly fading.

There are two Tuscan Tan professional spray tan solutions available at DE LA RUE Beauty;
Original Spray Tan Solution – Develops over 8 hours
Rapid-Amino 90 Spray Tan Solution – Develops in 90 minutes, perfect for those on the go.


We stock all Tuscan Tan Products. Available for sale in store now.


tuscantan_full_tan_mousseTuscan Tan Full Self Tan Mousse
A light weight mousse containing higher levels of natural active tanning ingredients to deliver a medium to dark tan in one application, with long lasting results of up to 7 days. The formula is tinted for even, streak free application, dries in seconds, and is subtly fragranced to eliminate fake tan odour.

image2Wash Off Bronzing Mousse
Commitment free is what this tan is all about – apply it when you need it, and wash it off when you’re done. Tuscan Tan Wash Off Bronzing Mousse is the no-fuss, maintenance-free solution to an instant tan on the go. The formula dries in seconds, is transfer resistant, and the tan will last until the next shower.

Tuscan+Tan+Exfoliating+ScrubTuscan Tan Exfoliating Sugar Soap
An oil free granular exfoliant formulated to remove dry, dull or aged skin cells in preparation for the tanning application to ensure uniform colour development, and a longer lasting tan that will fade gradually and evenly.

pH-Balanced-Skin-WashTuscan Tan pH Balanced Skin Wash
Formulated for use prior to the tanning application to restore the skin’s natural pH levels, and afterwards once the tan has developed to gently cleanse the skin whilst showering and maintain pH levels so that the tan doesn’t alter in colour or fade prematurely.

Tinted-Tan-Extender-500x500Tuscan Tan Tined Extender
A light, yet superbly effective, hydrating body lotion fortified with ingredients renowned for their moisturising properties. Contains Tuscan Tan’s exclusive cosmetic bronzers to maintain the cooler tones within the developed tan, together with a hint of mica mineral shimmer for a dewy glow.

bsertah0dwdvr6ccqcoxTuscan Tan Facial Tanning Serum
Tuscan Tan Facial Tanning Serum. Slightly tinted so you can see where you’re putting it. Beautiful natural looking facial tan. Sunkist glow without needing to sit in the sun and damage your skin.
Formulated specifically for the face, this silky smooth serum contains ultra light skin conditioning ingredients together with 100% natural tanning ingredients to create a luminous, sun-kissed glow. Taking tanning to a new luxurious level, the formula contains Hyaluronic Acid for the ultimate hydration without clogging pores, together with the regenerating effects of Vitamin A and the antioxidant benefits of Vitamins C and E. Colour is buildable allowing you to customise the shade of your complexion with repeat applications.

IMG_3263aSelf Tan Application Mitt
Velvety soft on the outside and stain-proof on the inside, this mitt blends self-tan products evenly on the skin, resulting in a streak-free finish whilst protecting hands from the tell-tale staining of self-tan application.

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