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Bio Sculpture Gel Pedicure – Beautiful Toes

Nothing looks better than clean well-maintained fingernails and freshly painted toenails in summer. Regular manicures and pedicures will enhance the health of your fingernails and toenails, promoting faster growth and maintaining well moisturised cuticles.

Benefits of Manicures-Pedicures

  • Manicure prevents wrinkles on the nails
  • Massaging with cream increases the blood circulation in hands, using acupressure techniques, which improves the health of skin.
  • Any damages in nails like fragile tips, wear and tear, and splits can be prevented.
  • Hangnails are removed.
  • It increases the flexibility and suppleness of wrist and hands
  • You will get tidy, shaped and strong nails with glow.
  • Use of wax, oils, creams to cleanse, exfoliate and improve the texture of nails and skin.

Besides all these benefits, a manicure has another benefits also. It soothes and relaxes all the body parts as hands has pressure points corresponding to all the body parts. They get pressed during hand massage.


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