Botox, everybody is getting it but nobody is talking about it. Which is unfortunate because it encourages a culture of shame and stops people asking the right questions to avoid bad experiences such as extreme facial freezing and uneven eyebrows. Here are a few questions that you should ask when going for a treatment and my answers to them:

How can I get BOTOX without looking like I’ve had BOTOX?

I think it’s always better to get less than you think you need as it takes a few days to settle in, it’s far better to come back for a review and have some more if you feel you need more. It’s easier to add more than to have the overdone effects at the beginning and have to wait for the injections to wear off.

Lots of people have opinions on anti-wrinkle injections and will often quote celebrity names like Joan Rivers and Kim Kardashian who have the shiny forehead and/or startled look. But this is excessive anti-wrinkle injections. When anti-wrinkle injections are administered carefully, correctly and in moderation the results can be undetectable and look amazing. Good treatment will make you feel more yourself with everyone else being none the wiser.

The treatments take up to 4 months to wear off so you need to be sure you get it right at the beginning.  It isn’t an exact science as everybody reacts differently to the treatment. So start slowly.

Is leaning forward or getting on a plane going to mess up my anti-wrinkle treatment?

Cosmetic practioners used to tell people not to lie down for four hours and not to get on an airplane for a week after treatment. The reason for avoiding anti-wrinkle treatments so close to an overseas trip is so that in the rare event you have a reaction to the treatment it is easier to review and treat if you are in the country.

It is also perfectly fine to put your head down or lie down following treatment, there is no down time, or more accurately ‘up time’, associated with anti- winkle injections.

How can I reduce my risk of bruising?

Arnica is considered to provide an all-natural remedy for bruising and swelling, so may be taken, following the manufacturer’s instructions, for a few days before and after the treatment.

I tell my clients not to rub the area or exercise for 24 hours after treatment not because either activity is dangerous or detrimental to the end result of the anti-wrinkle treatment but because there is a very small chance that this can increase the risk of bruising.

Also, try to avoid supplements that can cause the blood to thin before your treatment if you can as they increase the risk of bruising. These supplements include ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oil and omega 3. Obviously if you need them for medical reasons you mustn’t stop taking them, but make sure you tell your cosmetic practitioner if you are using any of these medications.

Is there any way to make my treatment last longer?

Maybe, studies suggest that moving the muscles you just had injected may actually help treatment last longer. But again there are no definitive studies to support this.

Other practioners as well as myself have found that the longer you have anti-wrinkle treatments the gap in between the treatments seems to get longer.  There are a number of theories for this, such as the muscles haven’t had time to start working enough to cause the return of the lines.


How much anti-wrinkle treatment should you use, really?

While the actual units administered vary patient to patient, generally less is used with younger patients (those in their twenties and thirties), while more is used for men as their muscles tend to be denser.

Most importantly to getting any cosmetic treatment is to go to someone you trust, listens to you and is qualified. Speak to friends, they may be able to refer you to someone they have used and are happy with.

Cosmetic practioners should give you a free initial consultation, if they don’t then look for someone else. Go for the consultation before you go ahead with the procedure, explain to the cosmetic practitioner exactly what you are hoping to achieve from the treatment. Go away and think about it. If you don’t think the cosmetic practitioner is listening or you feel pressured to have the treatment there and then then look for someone else.  Remember it’s your face.

At DE LA RUE Beauty, we care about your results and therefore like to book a post treatment review two weeks after to ensure that you are happy with your results.


At DE LA RUE Beauty, you can be assured that you’re in good hands as our cosmetic nurse Sue is medically trained and certified. Sue is able to deliver a smooth and pleasant experience as well as cosmetic treatments you can trust.