Bio Sculpture Q&A

House-of-Bio-Scuplture LogoAt DE LA RUE Beauty, we’re often asked a wide variety of questions about BIO SCULPTURE GEL NAILS. If your question about BIO SCULPTURE is not answered below, please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact us anytime.

What is Bio Sculpture Gel?

Bio Sculpture Gel is a one-step system that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. It is applied onto a natural nail, tip or gel extension. Bio Sculpture Gel cures under a Bio Sculpture UV light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy or high shine finish.

What is Bio Sculpture Colour Gel?

Bio Sculpture Colour Gel is clear gel with pre-blended colour pigment added to create No Chip nail colours. Colour gel looks and applies like nail polish but gives incredible strength. The colour gel will last for weeks without fading, chipping or wearing away at the free edge.

Is Bio Sculpture Gel a Soak Off gel?

Yes, All of Bio Sculpture’s Treatment Gels and Colour Gels are soak off. All Gel soaks off in as little as 10-20 minutes or 5 minutes per layer.

Can Bio Sculpture Gel be applied to the natural nail?

Yes, Bio Sculpture Gel is known as the natural nail gel and can be applied directly onto natural nails without the use of primers or bonders.

Can Bio Sculpture Gel be applied “over” other nail systems?

Yes, it can also be applied over plastic tips, fiberglass and other gel or acrylic enhancements.

Is Bio Sculpture Colour Gel similar to other “Soak Off Color Gel Lacquers”?

No… Colour Gel “lacquers/polishes” is not a true gel and does not give any strength to the natural nails. It is merely a longer lasting nail color lacquer/polish that is light cured. If a client’s nails are thin, weak or need extra strength colour gel lacquers will have to be used in combination with a nail system to strengthen the nail. Bio Sculpture Colour Gel offers strength and No Chip nail colour with one application.

Can I build a gel nail extension using Bio Sculpture Gel?

Beautiful, natural looking, flexible but strong gel nail extensions can be created using Bio Sculpture Sculpting Gel. Solid (less-flexible) sculptures can be created with Bio Sculpture Free-Edge Gel. Gel nail extensions can be created with either a paper form or our easy Free-Form gel extension methods. Bio Sculpture Gel nail extensions will not crack, tear or splinter and are great for nail biters.

Will Bio Sculpture crack or splinter?

No, Bio Sculpture Gel will not crack or splinter due to its flexibility. Not using Bio Sculpture Gel or Bio Sculpture Top Coat as a last layer, but an alternative polish top coat or color polish that contains formaldehyde may cause the surface of the gel to be dehydrated causing small hairline cracks. These cracks will disappear when you do your next fill. “Compare it with a cloth that is flexible. If the cloth is bent it will not break or tear but if glue is spilled on the cloth and left to dry the cloth will crack or even tear.”

Bio Sculpture Gel ColoursIs Bio Sculpture suitable for hairdressers who have their hands in water a lot?

Bio Sculpture Gel will not be affected or damaged by water. Many hairdressers have their nails done with Bio Sculpture Gel because it is strong and will not stain when S-Gel or UV-Gel Coat is used as a last layer. It is highly recommended that they do Home After-Care regularly and wear gloves when working with chemicals.

If I do get Bio Sculpture Gel nails, how often do I need to go for a maintenance fill?

This will depend on how quickly your nails grow. Bio Sculpture Gel lasts for weeks and allows clients to often go longer than two weeks without a fill depending on the condition of their natural nails.

Does a client have problems with fungus or nail mold while wearing Bio Sculpture Gel?

No, Bio Sculpture Gel does not cause any fungus or nail mold. Bio Sculpture Gel has undergone a stringent “Clinical Test” to assess the tolerability and efficiency of Bio Sculpture UV light-cured nail gel in first-time and long-term users – (Aug 2004). The research result showed that one hundred percent (100%) of first-time users, and ninety nine percent (99%) of long-term users, reported no paronychia or contact dermatitis. Consequently, the conclusion was drawn that Bio Sculpture UV light- cured nail gel is both highly effective and tolerable for use as cosmetic nail gel. It received a 5-Star Safety Rating.

Can Bio Sculpture Gel be used to create nail art?

Yes, Bio Sculpture Gel is known for being used to create beautiful, award-wining nail art designs. A vast range of designs can be created with over 170 colors of crèmes, metallics, shimmers, glitters and more. Bio Sculpture Royal Clear/Sealer Gel is perfect for mixing with Glitter Powders or for securing diamonds and decals. Embed numerous Nail Art Supplies, such as gems, flowers, shells, confetti etc. under Bio Sculpture Gel to ensure that nothing will come loose or get hooked.

Is the Soak Off procedure ultimately damaging to nails?

No, Bio Sculpture applies Cuticle and Nail Conditioner after a soak off procedure to hydrate and nourish natural nails, and before a new gel set is applied a layer of Bio Sculpture Vitamin Dose is applied as a nutrient to natural nails.

Are there any products that might soften Bio Sculpture Gel causing it to lift?

When using cleaning products that contain ammonia; gloves should be worn, as it will soften Bio Sculpture Gel over time.

Polish remover containing acetone will cause gel to soften also resulting in lifting. Often polish removers state that they are “acetone free” but still contain a small amount of acetone. Bio Sculpture’s specially formulated Bio Sculpture Cleanser (Polish Remover) should be used with Bio Sculpture Gel to remove polish on top of a gel overlay. It is mild, but extremely effective.

Can treatment oils be used in a manicures service before gel is applied?

No, treatment oils should not be used before a gel application, it may cause the gel to lift. Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil and massage lotions should be applied after gel has been fully cured.